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I'm reading, investigating, presenting, and trying products all the time*.  This page is where I talk about some of them.  You can also visit my sporadically maintained blogs or check into my e-books.  I'm also out speaking and organizing events.  My goal is to bring top-drawer information to you whether it's from my own inspiration, brilliant people I know, or something I've learned from my own research.  Come back frequently, I'll be adding more every month.  You can scroll down or click a topic area below and it will jump you to that section:
I'm a huge believer in the concept that everything is just energy in various forms.  Luckily there's a whole area of science that pretty much backs me up.  But you might also have noticed that we Westerners are a little late to this party!  Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are thousands of years old, operates on this principle.  While I was studying at UCLA, I was able to work on cadavers while I was auditing acupuncture classes outside of my coursework.  It is amazing that such an old system of treating the body was so accurate; but, I could see it plainly in my concurrent studies.

Ayurvedic Medicine is also focused on energies.  Remember, almost every pharma-based medicine we have started as an herb, spice or food.  We take them into the lab and standardize their molecules, manipulate them and turn out patentable substances.  I am again amazed that I daily read about a clinical study demonstrating exactly what Eastern doctors have known forever.  In truth, most indigenous peoples' medicine are based on energetics and shamans have simply been people highly attuned to reading the patterns.  Again, my PhD in life comes into play here, I dated a powerful Native American medicine man who taught me the wisdom of the medicine wheel and opened my eyes to the energetics of the world that surrounds us as our gift for being fully who we are. 

For my money, it all has it's place!  Western medicine is a valuable tool but it's not the emperor of the universe.

By doing the most we can to keep our personal energy strong and congruent with who we really are, we create health and we improve the world around us (sometimes called entrainment.)  So, I'm investigating products that help us do just that!  Here I some I like:

  • Everlast Innergy:  Did you know that far-infrared, negative ion bracelet you bought is good for about three months?  This company has developed products that recharge in the sun so that the bracelets and necklaces last forever. They also have programmed discs you can use on key acupuncture/acupressure points to open up your energy pathways; these are specific to various conditions like pain, mood, and ideal weight. I've also seen great results with their soap for skin conditions and fire ant bites.  Read more...
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):  EFT is like emotional acupuncture!  This system of tapping is used in many clinics (including the VA Hospital) to end cravings, decrease anxiety, and interrupt negative patterns. Because you are creating a vibration (by tapping) on key points, you don't need to be particularly accurate to get results.  You can also use EFT in stealth business meetings, dates, family events, and walking down the street.  There's more about EFT in my e-book, Adrenal Health.
  • Change Your Words, Change Your Life:  I'm working with Marnae Hobson of Trilight Wellness right now to develop a new e-book and events about this topic.  We know our words have power (that's what affirmations are about) but we seem to be overwhelmingly using language unconsciously and that keeps us trapped in a pattern of obligation and duty -- not freedom of choice.  It starts to get really fun when you reorient your words!
On My Reading Table:  
I Finally Got It Together...And Now I'm Falling Apart
I can relate this idea so well.  I think we show up with a certain amount reserves in bodies and then somewhere around 40 we use 'em up.  And then the bits and pieces start breaking down. Some of my specialty areas as a writer are health, nutrition, supplements, fitness, and foods.  I'm not an advocate of making pills, tablets, and capsules your primary food source but I do believe we've over-taxed our food systems and depleted our soils.  We also live with crazy amounts of stress these days so our bodies are paying the price -- and screaming at us for help through their breakdown and dis-ease.  I invite you to visit my other site, for samples of my writing work on a variety of topics regarding health.  I've found some products recently that I really like -- so much so that I am a speaker for some of them*.  I think you'll see why!

  • Overall Health:  I'd read quite a bit about Young Tissue Extract (YTE) which is derived from fertilized chicken eggs on the 9th day of fertilization.  That's an important day!  Just like a seed or sprout -- the 9th day is when all the ingredients and energy to create a chicken in 21 days are present, but the cells have not begun differentiating themselves.  YTE has great clinical research behind it!  However, I am excited about a new product called  Laminine because it also includes two missing amino acids from the YTE array and it contains FibroBlast Growth Factor which helps us rebuild brain cells and improve neuron function at any age.  There's a lot more to say about this product (I built a web site with more information here -- but the short story is this:  Laminine is stem-cell nutrition without the ethical dilemma.  If you want to try it, order here.

  • Digestive Health:  Pretty much everyone has some kind of intestinal inflammation whether it's due to food allergies, processed food by-products, BPA poisoning, or just good old stress.  Digestive health is the key to staying healthy (70% of immune system starts in your gut) or rebuilding your health.  I love two products for improving digestive health.  The first is Renew Life's IntestiNew which helps your body rebuild the pot holes in your digestive lining. (It also works great for dogs!) Brenda Watson, the head of Renew Life, knows her stuff when it comes to the digestive system and her products are well-made.  The other is the digestive enzyme formula by Everlast Innergy which just hit market called InnerZymes.  Created by Lee Dreyer, this formula has everything I would look for in a digestive enzyme based on my own research.  You can check it out here!

  • Systemic Health:  Everything in your body uses enzymes to make things happen efficiently; we have about 3,000 enzymes working in our bodies performing about 7,000 enzymatic reactions...all day, every day.  As we get older, some of our enzymes get overzealous and others get exhausted or lazy.  Different enzymes are specialized for different functions.  I talked about digestive enzymes to help improve digestive health above, but systemic enzymes are equally as important.  They reduce inflammation, clean out the blood and keep it less sticky, they eat up old scar tissue and fibroids, and they help our bodies fight viruses.  I used to recommend WobenZyme, but the company was recently bought by Garden of Life -- a product line I do not have great confidence in.  In talking to other companies, I like VitalZym because of their bio-availability.  These are not inexpensive but they are very potent.  Systemic enzymes are very useful for those fighting cancer.  Here in the US, companies cannot tell you this about their product, but as a writer I can (for now.)
  • Fitness:  I am, admittedly, a slug! I am also notoriously short on time.  Oh and I love food -- real stuff with flavor not that healthy stuff that tastes like grass clippings.  I also like a big, bold red wine.  These are not things that win me points in the fitness and health food worlds.  Oh well!  Twelve years ago I saw an article in Woman's World magazine that said, "Lose two dress sizes in a month!"  After I snarfed, I opened the magazine...and lo & behold there was Teresa Tapp.  After years of dance (I started at 2!), I understood body mechanics.  I'd also dissected cadavers so I had seen how it really all works.  This T-Tapp thing made sense. I have to say Teresa's 15 minute a day, at-home program called T-Tapp is a revelation.  And so is Teresa!  Any fitness expert that says, "Eat Real Food!" and wants to share a glass of wine with me wins my vote. Sadly, the thing about T-Tapp is that it works when I do it but not when I just watch it.  Luckily, in many of my interviews of Teresa she has shared secrets with me about how to fit fitness into whatever you're doing.  Check out T-Tapp if you too are chocolate-loving slug who still wants to look fabulous on the road to 50.
There's more to come, I'm sure but that's a good beginning!

* Disclosure:  I am given products to review by many companies; I do not bash the products I don't like, but I'm happy to rave about the ones I do.  I am not financially compensated to rave about products I have been given to sample.  I also am asked to write about products for some companies. This is part of how I make my living and it helps me feed my four dogs.

Additionally, I know many people are suspicious of network marketing companies (with good reason!) I prefer to look at some of the good ones as referral marketing.  Sadly, our warp-speed society cannot have the cosmetic counter girl explain many of the products you might buy when you visit the local drug store or health food store.  Concurrently, the market is being flooded with products that are fighting for shelf space (which is finite) and enough volume for a supplier to carry their product.  Stores do not typically purchase directly from a manufacturer, they buy products in the "supply chain" from companies that provide a roster of products.  When you are looking for things that are cutting edge, they are often released through referral marketing because a) there's time to explain the product fully, and b) shelf space and/or volume is not the issue.  In a few cases, I have enrolled in some referral marketing programs so that I can purchase product because I use it personally and I want to share it with others without risking them being badgered to death by an overzealous marketer...if you like the stuff I like, feel free to buy it; if you don't, no big whoop!  You should also know that I have some personal requirements about companies using referral marketing, if they break my rules I don't recommend them: 
  • First, you must not be required to stock your garage with product.  I don't want to do that and I don't want you to either. 
  • Second, you must be able to buy the product without signing up to be a distributor; it may be more expensive than the wholesale price, but you are not forming a legal and binding contract to buy a set amount of product if you don't want to.
  • Third, the research must make sense if there is research.  Clinical research is expensive and a double edge sword.  Natural products that actually cure diseases are quickly classified as drugs and must go through testing like a drug which takes years.  Further, a study done on three people is not good enough for me.  If the changes people are experiencing are great, hooray, but it must be clear that the evidence is anecdotal.
  • Fourth, claims must match up to what I know.  For example: there is no Hoodia in the marketplace so you cannot take a pill and wake up skinny tomorrow.  Resveratrol in clinical studies comes from grapeskins not knotweed or peanuts; it is also tightly controlled by the guy who discovered its capabilities. Beware of products citing the research done on grapeskins if they are selling knotweed.
Please don't send me an email berating me for sending you to a web site that sells a product I like through referral marketing and with which I am a distributor.  I have explained why here.  It's still a free country and you still have freedom choice. 'kay? 'nuff said!
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